O Little Town of Bellingham

Rough Draft (composed during lunch today)

O little town of Bellingham

How still do we see thee lie?

Though consequence upon thee creeps

Your folly to soon defy.

While in thy alleys hideth

The huddled masses, high

Their freedom screams in drug-fueled dreams

That play while they slowly die.

O little town of Bellingham

Where wisdom is left to die

Above God all desires keep

Lest truth turn thy schemes awry

Thy intellect so shineth

It blinds you from the Light

At least you’re free from all decrees

That might stop some pleasure nigh

How silently, how silently

Your children from wombs are riv’n

Though God imparts their souls and hearts

You murder these blessings giv’n

Their ears are stopped from hearing

Their eyes from sight denied

These poor and meek your vacuums seek

So your pleasures may abide.

Yet Christ was born of Mary

And died for his perfect love

To cancel sin and bring us in

Though we hate our God above

O citizens return now

Before your time is through

Though soon the King will judgment bring

His covenant is true


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