10 examples of how hypocritical the culture is (off the top of my head)

  1. We protest GMOs and artificial ingredients, but applaud those who bombard their body with hormones and artificially augment themselves.
  2. We protest the power of government to put others to death, but demand that the government pay for our right to put our own children to death.
  3. We demand that the government stay far from our bedroom, but demand that they sponsor who we bed, and pay for any physical and emotional fallout.
  4. We demand that everyone tolerate the choices we feel are right, but rage against others who make choices they feel are right.
  5. We tell people to think for themselves and challenge authority, and get angry when they do so.
  6. We teach our children to follow their hearts, and wring our hands when some of them actually do it.
  7. We hate corporations like Wal-mart and “big oil” and then shop at corporations like Wal-mart and live a life filled with byproducts of oil.
  8. We say one man who kills himself is the puppet of a disease, but turn around and applaud a woman who kills herself as having great courage.
  9. We encourage positive body image and then applaud those who want to surgically alter theirs.
  10. We demand that boys and girls can play with all the same toys and dress however they want, but when a boy plays with dolls we tell him he might be a girl, and when a girl plays with soldiers, we tell her she might be a boy.

And in summary:

We sin, and rage at God for not averting the consequences (and Stephen Fry’s rant is just one of many examples)

And here are 3 for my fellow Christians:

  1. We demand freedom of religious expression in public, but then don’t make any
  2. We cry out when the government legislates on certain moral topics, but then wait for the government to legislate on certain moral topics
  3. We call “persecution” when liberals boycott Christian companies, but then demand that everyone boycott secular companies

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